Custom Aerospace Shipping Cases

The industries that need the most unique shipping solutions turn to Wilson Case, so it’s no wonder that the company has been servicing the United States government, military, and their respective contractors for the last 30 years. We are also proud to be a leader in the industry for the past 40 years. Built to ATA-300 standards, each custom aerospace case is rugged, secure, and designed with the experience and creative innovation needed to exceed the most demanding specifications. Whether you need to ship a million-dollar mirror for the James Webb Space Telescope, computers, monitors, or other electronics to develop new flight hardware, Wilson Case offers the mobility, durability, and security you need. All our cases are designed to be simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat. Browse some of our previous custom case designs below:

Benefits of Custom Aerospace Shipping Cases from Wilson Case

Purchase a custom aerospace transit case from Wilson Case to choose dependable shipping cases guaranteed to remain secure and protect their contents. In addition to developing cases designed especially to your specifications, Wilson Case also offers a variety of options for:

  • Casing configurations, including: mobile workstations, monitor casings, rackmounts, and shockmounts.
  • Shipping case details, including: trap doors, tilt bins, fixed or adjustable shelves, interior doors, straps, pouches, netting, and adjustable trays.
  • Security and labeling options, including: silk screening, stencils, card and metal plates, TSA locks, keyed locks, and padlocks.
  • Mobility options, including: turf tires, casters, and skidmates.
  • Internal foam options, including: type (polyethylene, polyester, anti-static), lining, slotting, filling, and die-cut custom insert.
  • Stacking options, including: ball corners, recess cups, and rubber feet.
  • Color options for paneling and laminate.

Our Process – Custom Cases for the Aerospace Industry

When beginning to design a custom aviation shipping case, Wilson Case works closely with prospective commercial clients and military contractors to fully understand their needs and the situations the casing will need to withstand. Starting with the contents to be shipped, Wilson Case will determine what industry regulations need to be followed in addition to standard ATA-300 guidelines.

Since custom ATA cases are 85% of Wilson Case’s business, the process is streamlined to make it easiest on clients. Where most businesses in the shipping case industry require customers to send them a product for custom cases to be developed and produced, Wilson Case uses SolidWorks to render 3D models of the case with the product inside utilizing a blueprint CAD file provided by customers. This guarantees your aviation case is designed with precision and efficiency while avoiding lost time, money, and resources by having to handle the product in person. It also ensures the security of proprietary designs while reducing any risk to actual products to zero.

The design is presented to the client or contractor, and at this time, alterations can be made to the design. Once approved, Wilson Case will fabricate the shipping cases. The design file that’s approved by the customer is the same one that’s used on the production shop floor, where it’s translated to CNC computer control language, guaranteeing precision to thousandths of an inch. Each case is hand-assembled by experienced staff using machine riveted construction and heat-treated, plated steel hardware. Once production is complete, cases are shipped to the client, ready to use.

Get Your Aerospace Industry Case from Wilson Case Today

As a supplier for durable shipping cases for government, military, and commercial customers for 40 years, Wilson Case has the expertise and ingenuity to develop a custom aerospace case to fit your needs. Contact Wilson Case today to begin the design process!