Just Tell Me What I Need Custom Shipping Cases

Wilson Case is a custom reusable shipping case manufacturer. This is our strength – it’s 90% of our business. Custom shipping cases are engineered for all your products, equipment, and gear to ensure protection no matter what bumps, bruises, drops, crashes, and other abuse it will go through once you hand it over to a carrier. The pros at Wilson Case ask the right questions, get the right information, and design the right shipping case with your specific requirements in mind.

We’re Ready for Every Requirement

The main goal is always to protect what’s inside the shipping case. Our case pros have decades of experience, giving you peace of mind knowing they’ll design a shipping case that will deliver your device safe and sound. Our pros also want to make shipping your product simple, effortless, and maybe even impressive. We always ask ourselves, “How can we design a case that not only provides maximum protection and can take abuse after abuse but also delivers mobility, security, and easy usability?”

Sometimes a simple “box” is all our customer requires—other times, they tell us they need an easy way to load a heavy, bulky device without lifting it. They may also need the case to be easily mobile, without requiring brute force to move once the case once loaded. Other customers need to be able to look at the case when it’s loaded and know that every piece of their gear is present and accounted for. Some want to operate or present their equipment without it leaving the shipping case. Some need multiple access points, and others are looking for the “impressive whole package.”

A Shipping Case Study

One leading medical device manufacturer came to us with a shipping case challenge that involved the “impressive whole package.” They understood that the moment when their product arrives on site for a sales appointment is the first impression—and it better be a good one. They knew that if their setup and breakdown flowed easily compared to their competition, and it didn’t require multiple crates, boxes, personnel, blood, sweat, and tears, it would set them apart and provide a great, lasting impression.

This customer challenged our engineers to design shipping case solutions that met their requirements in customized ways, with their unique system and product in mind, to set them apart from the competition. Wilson Case delivered.

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