Custom Medical Device & Equipment Cases

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In addition to providing medical cases for manufacturers, we provide custom and standard medical cases for professionals that travel to provide mobile care. We also design cases for salespeople who must travel to give demonstrations of expensive and sensitive medical equipment. Our medical supply cases, EMS cases, medical workstations and surgical instrument cases are guaranteed to last and meet the special needs of your equipment and industry.

Examples of Custom Cases We’ve Made for the Medical Industry:

  • Medical Screening Station Cases
  • Medical Workstation Cases
  • Medical Imaging Cases
  • Portable Clinic Cases
  • OR Integration Demo Cases
  • Bio Decontamination System Case
  • OR Lighting Demo Cases
  • Medical Cases with Ramps & Mechanical Lifts



Why Use Wilson Cases for Medical Equipment?

Wilson Cases are built to last. In fact, we guarantee our medical shipping containers for the lifetime of the equipment. Over time our customers save on the costs of equipment packaging and shipping due to our cases’ durable yet light-weight materials. They also save on the costs of having to repair or replace equipment damaged during transit.


We make it easy to quickly load your most complex medical equipment with a case that is designed to provide you with a simple load, set up, and unload process. Our Wilson LT panels that can be used on the outside of cases are moisture-resistant, UV tolerant, chemically inert and 45% lighter than ABS-clad plywood. Our cases can be built with table legs for workstations and different types of locks, latches and materials. Contamination locks are also available. As you can see, we can accommodate any type of medical equipment or supplies with infinite options for organization, as well as provide you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is being safely shipped in a custom case solution.


How Our Custom Medical Equipment Cases Are Created:

We work with our clients to understand the needs and functions of the equipment being transported as well as industry regulations. We use SolidWorks 3D CAD program to design our medical cases. This means our clients DO NOT have to send us their equipment in order for us to design and create a custom case. By uploading a file similar to a blueprint of your product into SolidWorks, we can create a 3D model of your case which can be approved before your case is created and delivered. We design our cases to meet your precise requirements using technology, industry knowledge and creativity, all while being sensitive to your time constraints.


Order Your Medical Case Today

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