Custom Foam Case Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Waterjet, CNC Router &
CNC Knife Cutter

Custom Foam Inserts
for Waterproof Cases

When Wilson Case is called upon to manufacture a custom shipping case for a unique item, we design the whole thing for maximum protection inside and out. The inside part of the equation is where our custom foam case inserts come in. Whether you need high-quality interior cushioning for your Wilson Case products, an existing case, or as part of your product packaging, we can deliver custom foam inserts of any size, for any requirement, at a competitive price and with excellent lead time.
We use the highest quality foam in all of the custom foam inserts we make for shipping cases, and we offer a variety of foam options, including ester, etha, anti-stat, crosslink, PSA, and flame-retardant foam. Our engineers use solid modeling technology and CNC tools to design each foam insert for a precise fit and ultimate security. Our main production facility has water-jet cutting, CNC router cutting, and knife foam cutting capabilities to ensure that we can sculpt any shape and contour with edges as smooth and fine as possible.
We offer custom foam shipping case inserts for both one-off orders and large production runs. Our flexible scheduling and full-service teams enable us to meet nearly any lead time—one of many things that separates us from our competitors. Whatever your shipping needs are, Wilson Case promises to protect your cargo and make you look good.

Computer Controlled Routing (CNC)

CNC routing is a design process that uses computer-guided drill and router bits for cutting and shaping many materials. Utilizing CNC routing gives us the ability to create designs and prototypes and manage your project’s production. In addition to foam, we can work with substrates like plastics and aluminum to customize precision parts in small quantities without typical tooling expenses. CNC routing is very useful when fabricating custom foam inserts for protective cases and other specialty packaging applications because the routing heads can easily fabricate multiple cavity depths.

Water Jet Cutting
Our water-jet cutting technology is capable of slicing into any type of open-cell and closed-cell foam using a jet stream of water, forced through a tiny nozzle at a high pressure of 60,000 PSI, to perform precision cutting and leave smooth, extremely accurate edges. Our water-jet services are available to any customer for any application. It’s an environmentally friendly solution for nearly every cutting need, and it’s less expensive than laser die cutting.


Custom Foam Insert Gallery

Take a look at some of the custom foam inserts we’ve designed for shipping cases of all shapes and sizes.

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