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Air Transport Association-approval is vital for cases that are intended to ship various types of product and materials that are sensitive to the movement of travel. ATA cases can be used for anything from military equipment and ammunition to electronics and musical instruments, and even trade show and event production equipment. ATA-300 approval means the casing will withstand the normal to rough handling associated with common carrier shipments (i.e., truck, airplane, boat) for 100 trips. Wilson Case can build custom cases with competitive pricing and quick shipping solutions. With more than 40 years as a leader in the industry, Wilson Case uses experience, creativity, and innovation to design custom ATA flight cases and custom road cases that will meet any packaging challenge. Every case we design is built to be simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat.

Benefits of Custom ATA Cases from Wilson Case

Choose custom made flight cases from Wilson Case and choose dependable shipping cases guaranteed to last. In addition to developing custom build flight cases designed specifically to your needs, Wilson Case also offers variety in:

  • Casing configurations, including: rack and shockmount cases, work boxes with or without tables, truckpacks, front-hinged middle-split, ramps, ramp options, clamshells
  • Shipping case options, including: trap doors, tilt bins, fixed or adjustable shelves, interior doors, straps, pouches, netting
  • Security & labeling options, including: silk screening, stencils, plates, TSA locks, keyed locks, padlocks
  • Mobility options, including: turf tires, casters, skidmates
  • Internal foam options, including: type (polyethylene, polyester, anti-static), lining, slotting, filling, die-cut custom insert
  • Stacking options, including: ball corners, recess cups, rubber feet
  • Color options for paneling & laminate

Our Design Process for Custom ATA Cases

When beginning to develop the design for custom built flight cases and road cases, Wilson Case works closely with prospective clients to fully understand their needs. Starting with what’s being shipped, Wilson Case will determine what industry regulations need to be followed in addition to the ATA-300 guidelines.

Since custom ATA cases are 85% of Wilson Case’s business, the process is streamlined to make it easiest on clients. Where most customers need to send in a product for custom cases to be built, Wilson Case uses SolidWorks to render 3D models of the case with the product inside utilizing a blueprint CAD file provided by customers. This guarantees that the case is designed with precision and efficiency while avoiding the time and money lost by having to handle the product in person.

The design is presented to the customer, and either alterations to the design can be made, or if approved, Wilson Case will fabricate the shipping cases. The design file that’s approved by the customer is the same used on the shop floor, and each case is hand-assembled by experienced staff. Once production is complete, cases are shipped to customers, often within 2 days.

Order Your Custom Case Today from Wilson Case

When it’s gotta get there, and gotta get back, choose Wilson Case! Our custom ATA cases and lifetime warranty, not to mention our personalized attention to the fragility of your products, guarantee customer satisfaction like no other. Contact Wilson Case today to order your specific shipping case solution.