Tooling / Auto / Aerospace Cases

#88-2625 Marine Tool Parts Shipping Case

#88-2625 Custom shipping case for tooling seals.  The edge casters and pull out handle make mobility easy.

#74-138 Milling Tool Shipping Case

Our #74-138 Custom milling tool case has a custom foam insert that contours the tool, keeping it immobile during transit and offering ultimate protection.

#74-167 Tool Case with Drawers

Our #74-167 tool case was designed for our customer’s technicians to easily transport their tools from site to site in their own vehicles.  The case was built to be as light as possible yet have custom drawers to keep even the smallest tool components, connectors and screws in place.  When everything has a place, you know when it is missing.


#74-134 Tool Case

Our #74-134 tool case was built for our friends at the Rochester Institute of Technology with a custom foam lined interior that delivers ultimate protection.

#74-126 F-18 Support Tooling Kit Shipping Case

Our #74-126 shipping case built for the US Navy has a custom foam interior.

#74-125 Technicians Tool Kit Case

Our #74-125 is a Technician’s Took Kit shipping case with custom foam interior.  It is easily mobile with edge casters and a pull-out handle.

#74-146 Custom Tooling Case

Our #74-146 shipping case has a custom foam interior  to cradle and protect a calibrated tool.