Considerations When Shipping Lab Equipment

Laboratory microscope of healthcare and medicine researcher scientist with lab equipment tools on the table.

Lab equipment can be difficult to ship for a variety of reasons, and standard packaging is unlikely to get most items to their destination safely. It’s much better to use protective shipping cases for lab equipment that are designed with these considerations in mind. Here are some of the qualities your lab equipment shipping cases should account for to make sure everything arrives at the facility intact.

Fragile Materials

Lab equipment is often extremely fragile. Common items like beakers, graduated cylinders, flasks, and thermometers are usually made of glass, so keeping them in place and insulated from external pressures is very important. If lab equipment is jostled during shipment or the case it is shipped in doesn’t have a strong exterior, it may crack or shatter in transit. Use a case with a durable exterior and a carefully crafted interior foam inserts to ensure the safety of the fragile items inside.


Sometimes lab equipment is shipped with alcohol or other liquids that will be used for experiments or tests. The kinds of liquids used in a lab environment are very sensitive to temperature, and if they get too hot or cold, they can become unusable. Since the foam in Wilson Case shipping cases helps to regulate temperature, the liquids being shipped in your lab equipment case won’t be at risk. Additionally, our foam inserts can be specifically made with flame-retardant materials to prevent a disastrous incident if your lab equipment were to be exposed to fire.

Complex Parts

Some lab equipment is made up of multiple intricate pieces. When shipping something like a refrigerator, freezer, microscope, or scale, it’s important to remember that if even one specific part becomes loose or broken, the entire item will arrive in need of repairs. It’s a good idea to custom design cases for each specific piece of equipment to keep parts of various sizes and shapes secure instead of trusting a one-size-fits-all solution.


Since lab equipment will frequently be used in sterile environments and/or can contain strong chemicals or other medical substances, it’s important to make sure that the equipment isn’t exposed to contaminants during shipping. Wilson Case designs cases with butterfly twist hatches to shut them tightly enough to prevent dirt and other external debris from getting inside.

Wilson Case has decades of experience with creating protective shipping cases tailor-made for lab equipment. Our custom and stock lab equipment cases can meet any shipping challenge your lab or manufacturing facility may come up against. Shipping sensitive equipment safely isn’t something you want to experiment with—trust our reliable lab equipment solutions instead.

Reasons to Use Custom Rack Mounts

Custom Rack Mounts from Wilson Case

A custom rack case is designed to keep expensive electronic equipment from being damaged in transit. Often custom rack cases have specific compartments built into them in order to store particular parts of an electronic product. Custom rack mount cases are typically used to ship items such as computers, stereos, or products with large screens. Learn more about some of the reasons why custom rack mounts are the best choice for your delicate electronic equipment.

Separate Individual Components

The compartments in custom rack cases help to keep various products separate from each other. For example, if you are shipping an electronic product with many different parts that need to be assembled upon arrival, using a custom rack case is helpful for preventing them from being thrown around or jostled during shipment.

Some of the racks in these cases are designed like little shelves or drawers. If you are shipping speakers, for instance, you will need to ship speaker accessories along with them, which makes these racks useful. Having different compartments is helpful because you can neatly sort the different parts of the product, making it easy to organize the elements once they arrive.

Protection for Unique Items

Some racks are built with certain angling to fit the shipping needs of a specific product. The custom Allen & Heath rack case, for example, is built with a slanted top interior to fit its uniquely shaped contents, and the custom Shockmount rack case is built with extra dense interior foam for superb shock absorption.

Because items in a custom rack case are usually individually packed, they are especially safe against shock from movement. Custom foam inserts provide extra cushioning. Wilson Case has even designed cases with a cooling fan on the back and a vent on the front to protect products that need ventilation during shipment.


A lot of custom rack cases have more than one area that can be opened. The custom Yamaha mixer rack case has a removable top, as well as removable front and back walls. This makes handling the product much easier for customers. The same is true of the custom 24RU rack case—both the front and back walls are removable, and one of the walls even has extendable legs, turning it into a small table.

Extra Storage

Rather than having to pack everything into one large shipping case, using cases with built-in custom racks makes for better storage opportunities. With the extra storage found in rack mounts, you can fit more and not worry about different items in the shipment getting mixed up or tangled. The various items that make up a bigger product can arrive to the customer in one neat, large package.

If custom rack mounts sound like the best solution for your delicate electronic items, contact Wilson Case. We’ll make a rack case guaranteed to get your specific cargo where it needs to go.

7 Scenic Places to Fly Your Drone

Drone technology has advanced in amazing ways over the last few decades, and now drones play a pivotal role in logistics, research, and military operations. They’re also popular with hobbyists. Many people enjoy flying drones over scenic locations, doing tricks in the air, and capturing amazing images that would have been difficult to see before.

If you’re a drone enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to travel the country with your drone and take in an aerial view of breathtaking sights across the map. Here’s a list of seven scenic places in the United States that every fan of flying drones should visit.

Wheeler Park, Oklahoma

Wheeler Park in Oklahoma City offers a unique mix of empty grass areas, walking trails, and baseball fields. The Ferris wheel that was once famously located at the Santa Monica Pier is now at the park overlooking the Oklahoma River. With the natural settings, the Ferris wheel, the river, and the Downtown Oklahoma City skyline, an aerial view of this park is spectacular.

Little Crater Lake, Oregon

Located about 30 miles east of Portland in Mount Hood National Forest, Little Crater Lake is a turquoise oasis. The lake water is spring-fed and crystal clear with a striking blue tint. The water is surrounded by lush meadows which are perfect for birdwatching. Fly your drone around the Little Crater Lake area for some stunning, idyllic images.

Boathouse Row, Pennsylvania

Boathouse Row, located due west of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is home to historic 19-century boathouses. This row of homes lines the Schuylkill river, which is a prime location for rowing regattas. At night, the borders of the boathouses light up in a brilliant white-gold display, reflecting off the river water to create a beautiful mirror-like image.

Seven Magic Mountains, Nevada

Located about 10 miles south of Las Vegas in the Ivanpah Valley is a public art installation called Seven Magic Mountains. The Seven Magic Mountains structure consists of seven large, vibrantly painted boulders that are stacked atop one another, reaching from 30 to 35 feet in the air. Positioned in a desert valley with a mountain range in the background, the brightly painted boulders look mystical and radiant on film.

The Gateway Arch, Missouri

Located in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri, the Gateway Arch is a steel and concrete structure that reaches 63 stories high. Construction of the iconic monument was completed in October of 1965. Since then, it has stood as a recognizable symbol of St. Louis. The arch is symbolic of the westward expansion of the United States. On one side of the arch is Downtown St. Louis, and on the other is the west bank of the Mississippi River. With a 360-degree view, you can capture both of these sides while flying your drone through the arch.

Lake Shore Drive, Illinois

Lake Shore Drive in Chicago is a highway that runs parallel to the shoreline of Lake Michigan. When captured from the vantage point of the Great Lake, footage of Lake Shore Drive highlights Chicago’s magnificent combination of relaxing beachfront property and industrial, fast-paced city life. The contrast of the beach at the foot of the highway combined with the backdrop of the sparkling Chicago city skyline is something everyone should see.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach is a charming, quintessential beach town. Its main street, Rehoboth Avenue, consists of tourist shops and quaint, local restaurants. Its side streets are filled with picturesque homes located only minutes away from the beach. On summer days the beach is packed with beachgoers under colorful umbrellas. From an aerial view, Rehoboth Beach is lively, summery, and fun.

Now that you know about all these great places to fly a drone, you’ll have to find a way to get your equipment to them. That’s where Wilson Case comes in. We design custom shipping cases for drones and other aerial equipment that will get your expensive flight technology wherever you need it to go. Contact us today to get a custom shipping case for your drone.

Reasons to Use a Waterproof Shipping Case


We couldn’t live without water, but some items can’t live with it. If you are shipping sensitive materials like electronics or medical supplies, if your shipments need to cross the sea to reach their destination, or if you’re working with equipment that may be exposed to rain at an outdoor sporting event or concert, water is a serious hazard. By using waterproof shipping cases to package your items, you can make sure they will arrive in pristine condition. Here are some reasons why ordering watertight shipping cases is a good idea.

Protection from Irreparable Damage

Just as it’s important to choose packaging that will hold your product securely and limit sliding and jostling, it’s also important to provide protection from the elements. Subjecting sensitive cargo to water damage can completely destroy its parts.

Take, for example, a large amplifier being transported to a music festival. If the subwoofer gets rained on while not in use, your sound system will suffer. Or, say you’re shipping a number of IV pole infusion pumps for people in hospitals. If this package arrives at the hospital with water damage, then not only will a lot of money be lost, but patients also won’t get the treatment they need. Waterproof shipping and carrying cases will keep these materials from being shorted out or diluted beyond effectiveness.

Extra Safety for Maritime Cargo

The logistics industry still relies on ocean freight for a large share of international shipping and trade. Shipments on an ocean liner are usually kept in large shipping containers and unlikely to go overboard, but water on the upper decks is unavoidable, especially in choppy seas. Waterproof shipping cases provide an extra layer of protection from the ocean spray.

Nanuk Shipping Cases

Wilson Case has partnered with NANUK to provide reliable waterproof shipping cases to our customers. NANUK cases are watertight, indestructible, and lightweight. They come with a soft handle with an easy grip, rolling wheels, a retractable long handle to make movement easier, and a PowerClaw latching system to prevent cases from accidentally opening in transit.

Every NANUK shipping case is certified following durability tests. They’re proven to be leak-proof when submerged in up to 1 meter of water, do not show signs of damage when items weighing 6.8-31.8 kilograms are dropped on them, and are capable of withstanding and absorbing repetitive shocks so the case’s contents don’t take damage.

Count on NANUK and Wilson Case for the best waterproof shipping cases on the market. We’ll get all your most sensitive shipments from A to B without a drop.

Why Custom Foam Inserts Are Crucial

The last thing you want when shipping an item is for it to arrive at its destination damaged. It’s very important to use the right shipping case for each type of cargo, and if you’re working with especially sensitive, expensive, or unusually shaped equipment, that likely means having a case custom-made. A tough, durable exterior is half the battle, but you’ll also need custom foam inserts to protect your shipments from the inside.

Wilson Case specializes in creating both custom cases and the foam inserts that go inside them. We can sculpt inserts for any shape and size right down to a fraction of an inch, using high-quality foam guaranteed to help your equipment survive the trip.

What Are Foam Inserts For?

In the process of transit, a package is bound to be jostled or even dropped, risking damage to its contents, particularly if they’re fragile or made of multiple components. Surrounding shipped items with foam will protect them by decreasing the harmful effects of movement during the shipment process and by absorbing shock. Items that ship without a custom-fit foam insert to hold them in place are at more risk of suffering from bumps and scrapes.

Using custom foam inserts is also important if you are shipping multiple items in one case. If you have several pieces of equipment in one shipping container, they may knock against each other or become tangled if each item doesn’t have its own place to nestle in within the foam mold.

Our Custom Foam Insert Design Process
Every foam insert order we receive is designed by a team of engineers using solid modeling technology and computer controlled routing tools that can craft any shape you can imagine with maximum precision. We cut into the foam with a high-pressure water jet system that leaves edges completely smooth.

Wilson Case is dedicated to making sure your items are packaged as securely as possible inside and out. Contact us to order the custom case with foam inserts you need to get your cargo to its destination safely.

Wilson Case: Proud to Be an Essential Business

Man holding laptop faceup with graphs and charts popping up

The current COVID-19 crisis is having far-reaching effects on the U.S. economy. Many businesses have temporarily closed their doors to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Across the country, federal, state, and local governments are asking nonessential businesses to stay closed until the crisis ends, while businesses that are deemed necessary for performing public services and maintaining a minimum quality of life are allowed to stay open.

Wilson Case is proud to say that our business is considered essential, and we’re continuing to operate normally. Learn more about what makes us an essential business and how we’re helping governments and industries through these challenging times.

What Are Essential Businesses?

Various public officials and medical experts have decided that certain businesses are critical to maintaining a functioning society. The list includes banks, gas stations, hospitals, supermarkets, and businesses involved in logistics and the supply chain. It also includes firms that manufacture medical equipment.

Businesses that are allowed to remain open are still taking steps to protect their employees and customers from COVID-19. For some companies, this means asking teams to work from home. In other cases, employees and customers must stay at least six feet apart and wear personal protective equipment, including masks.

What Makes Wilson Case Essential?

According to current government standards, Wilson Case is essential because of the shipping cases we manufacture. Our customized shipping cases are used to safely transport all kinds of critical cargo, including biological samples, delicate testing equipment, and the other medical supplies needed to fight the current medical crisis. Our experience designing shipping solutions for the military, local governments, logistics professionals, medical institutions, and other industries can be relied on to get all essential items and supplies where they’re most needed.

Although we’re continuing to operate, rest assured that we take health risks very seriously. We’ve set new guidelines and changed certain processes where possible to protect our teams while they maintain production.

Whether we’re manufacturing cases for purposes directly related to combatting the coronavirus or for products you need to keep your business running smoothly, we approach every project with the same dedication to quality. When you choose Wilson Case, you can be confident that your cargo will arrive safely no matter what you’re sending or where you need to send it. Contact Wilson Case today to request a free quote.

Shipments That Require Refrigeration

Right now, trucks, trains, and planes are carrying every kind of cargo all over the world. Certain kinds of cargo must be kept at a specific temperature or it won’t survive the trip. Some of these items can go into a refrigerated truck to make journey, but others need customized, refrigerated shipping cases.

There are many types of refrigerated cargo. Here are five common classes of refrigerated items:

Cryogenic Materials

Many industrial and medical procedures depend on super cold materials like liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice. If these materials get warm, they’ll be ruined. Too much heat could even lead to an explosive situation.


Refrigerated food stays fresh for longer. Whether you’re transporting meats, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, or dairy, they have to stay cold, or either the quality will suffer or the food will spoil.

Live Plants and Animals

Shipping live plants and animals is common. Certain plants and animals need to stay within a certain temperature range to stay healthy.


Of all the cargo that it’s important to keep cool in transit, medicine may be the most important. Many medicines, including vaccines, must stay cold during transport—if they don’t, people could get sick or even lose their lives.

Scientific Equipment

Some of the equipment that scientists use for astronomy, biology, medical research, and other purposes needs to stay cold to be functional. If it doesn’t, it could cost thousands or even millions of dollars in lost time and resources.

What’s So Special About Refrigerated Cases?

We build our temperature-controlled cases to strict specifications. They depend on sturdy material and layers of insulation to make them strong and durable. A properly calibrated and operating refrigerated case can keep its contents at a safe, controlled temperature for hours, no matter what the temperature is outside.

If your refrigerated cargo gets warm during transit, the results could be catastrophic. Don’t take a chance with your valuable, temperature-sensitive cargo. Contact Wilson Case right now to get a free quote.

5 Unique Aerospace Cases

84-6275 Shipping case for aerospace tool

If you need a secure case to protect and transport your delicate aerospace components, Wilson Case is your ideal partner. We specialize in offering shipping cases for delicate items, large and small, to any industry, and we can manufacture custom cases for every application. Our unique capabilities make us a natural fit for the aerospace industry.

We’ve designed and built custom cases for shipping many items unique to aerospace. Here are five highlights:


Drones and UAVs are made of complex mechanisms and assembled in unusual shapes. They typically need to come out of the box ready for immediate use with no assembly, so their shipping cases must be resistant to shock, vibration, and moisture. This requires a large, durable case with a cushioned, perfectly formed interior.

Oxygen Tanks

Most of us don’t think much about oxygen when we fly, but pilots and aerospace engineers know how essential it is to have oxygen reserves in emergency situations. Oxygen tanks and the tools, equipment, and connectors that go with them must be secure in transit.

Aircraft Fuel Systems

Aircraft fuel systems are incredibly precise marvels of engineering. Aircraft fuel is often corrosive and flammable, so we make cases for shipping them out of special materials that are resistant to any residual fuel that could contaminate them.

Space Suits

The suits astronauts wear in space are no less important to the mission than the shuttles that get them there. Even the smallest amount of damage to a space suit can have dire consequences, so we carefully design shipping cases that can accommodate their unique shapes and materials without any risk of tearing.

Space Telescope Mirrors

Space telescope mirrors are among the most precise, delicate, and unwieldy objects man has ever created. With their price tag running up to millions of dollars, accidental damage is not an option.

Why Choose Wilson Case?

Aerospace equipment is costly, both financially and in terms of labor. It requires extreme engineering, extreme manufacturing techniques, and extreme protection in transit. In many cases, even the most minor damage can render a part unusable and beyond repair.

Wilson Case has the expertise and technology to build the best shipping cases in the industry, no matter what you need to ship. We use the 3-D CAD modeling program SolidWorks to manufacture our custom cases with precision within a thousandth of an inch. If you find a problem with our work, call us and we’ll make it right.

Don’t take chances with your mission-critical aerospace equipment. With Wilson Case, you can be sure that your cargo will arrive safely, no matter where you need to send it. Contact us today to get a free quote.

5 Common OEM Products

39-2445 Custom Antenna Shipping Case

When you work in the logistics industry, you may find yourself faced with unique shipping challenges. No matter what you’re shipping, from canned goods to aircraft parts, your customers expect their shipments to arrive on time and intact. For some goods, this is a challenge, particularly for the various parts and components made by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The OEM parts that go into cars, electronics, aircraft, and more may be awkwardly shaped and sized, delicate, and heavy. Shipping OEM parts often requires unique shipping solutions. Here are five potentially unwieldy items that Wilson Case transport cases can help you get from A to B:

  1. Antennas
    There are many types of antennas, ranging from simple wire antennas to complex arrays of multiple elements. Some antennas depend on the precise arrangement of their components. Shipping an antenna may require specialized packaging to protect the cargo.
  2. Auto Parts
    Auto parts come in all shapes, sizes, and types. Some parts are delicate while others are more robust. No matter what kind of OEM parts you’re shipping, you need to use the right packaging for the job. OEM product cases must protect electronic parts from dust, moisture, static, and vibration. Many other parts are large, heavy, and difficult to handle, so they may require special handling and packing too.
  3. Scales
    A scale probably isn’t the first thing you think of when someone mentions OEM parts, but they’re built into many devices, such as cash registers, industrial systems, and laboratory equipment. A scale can’t do its job if it isn’t calibrated and handled properly. From the time it leaves the factory to the time it’s installed at its final destination, a scale needs to be protected. Vibration is a scale’s biggest enemy, so shipping cases for scales should use foam to cushion any impacts.
  4. Simulators
    OEM manufacturers supply parts to not only automotive and aeronautic industries but also to the companies that build simulators and other training equipment. Once a simulator is built, it may need to be moved from site to site frequently to train new personnel in different locations. Transporting a large simulator requires special cases built for the job.
  5. Tools
    Manufacturers design OEM tool products to work with specific pieces of equipment. A tool will need to come in and out of its case many times. Some of these tools are sensitive to vibration, temperature, and other hazards. It’s important that cases for tools keep them well protected when not in use, yet easily accessible.

Transporting an OEM object safely, securely, and quickly requires special casing. That’s where we come in. When your clients need to get their OEM products fast, Wilson Case should be your first call. We have hundreds of cases in every shape and size ready for delivery. If you don’t find what you need, we can even design and build a custom solution. You need to ship things—we’re here to help.