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Our Custom Shipping Case Process

By Wilson Case, Inc. | December 21, 2020

We start this process with learning about you, your product, shipping needs, budget and time frame for a finished case. Protecting your product is our first priority in the shipping case design. We will then work with you to determine your mobility, loading and any other concerns for usability. Our engineers then use solid modeling…

Testing ATA-300 Cases

By Wilson Case, Inc. | December 16, 2020

The acronym “ATA” stands for the Air Transport Association of America. The term “ATA-300” refers to a government-enforced standardized shipping guideline—shipping cases must comply with certain standards in order to be used for shipment. A case has to pass several quality tests, such as a drop test, a vibration test, and a water test, to…

6 Common Military Shipments

By Wilson Case, Inc. | December 9, 2020

Safely shipping military equipment to military bases is an important part of making sure that our soldiers are as well-equipped as possible. Helping or Military deploy safe and fast is always our focus. A deployment can last for many months, or even years, so although military personnel are able to bring supplies with them when…

A variety of custom shipping cases

Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing a Custom Shipping Case

By Wilson Case, Inc. | November 18, 2020

Moving supplies or equipment for your industry can be taxing, time-consuming, and anxiety-inducing, but there’s no avoiding it. Fortunately, companies like Wilson Case create a seamless way to safely and effectively transport valuable items. Whether it’s medical equipment, athletic gear, expensive technology, or anything under the sun, with just a few pieces of information from…

Medical Device Shipping Cases

Top Quality Medical Shipping Cases in the COVID-19 Era

By Wilson Case, Inc. | November 6, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we do everything, especially in the medical field. Shipping medical supplies and equipment is always essential, but it has become increasingly necessary as we deal with the pandemic—and it poses countless challenges. Wilson Case can help medical facilities and manufacturers find suitable shipping cases for medical equipment and supplies. Here’s…

Wilson Case Designs Custom Shipping Case for OSIRIS-REx Space Mission

By Wilson Case, Inc. | November 6, 2020

Wilson Case and engineers at Lockheed Martin worked together to design a custom shipping case to protect NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Collection Capsule as it is transported from one manufacturing facility to another. This space mission is currently underway, and the samples are being collected. It’s a pretty incredible mission! Wilson Case’s History With the…

Shipping case with customized branding

Make Your Shipping Case Shine With Customized Branding

By Wilson Case, Inc. | August 10, 2020

Wilson Case offers customizable branding options to customers who are looking for extra personalization for their cases. In addition to being a great way to make your packaging stand out in a crowd, customized branding is also a great opportunity to promote your business. When to Use Customized Branding Customized branding is particularly useful when…

Laboratory microscope of healthcare and medicine researcher scientist with lab equipment tools on the table.

Considerations When Shipping Lab Equipment

By Wilson Case, Inc. | August 3, 2020

Lab equipment can be difficult to ship for a variety of reasons, and standard packaging is unlikely to get most items to their destination safely. It’s much better to use protective shipping cases for lab equipment that are designed with these considerations in mind. Here are some of the qualities your lab equipment shipping cases…

Custom Rack Mounts from Wilson Case

Reasons to Use Custom Rack Mounts

By Wilson Case, Inc. | July 27, 2020

A custom rack case is designed to keep expensive electronic equipment from being damaged in transit. Often custom rack cases have specific compartments built into them in order to store particular parts of an electronic product. Custom rack mount cases are typically used to ship items such as computers, stereos, or products with large screens.…

drone flying in nature

7 Scenic Places to Fly Your Drone

By Wilson Case, Inc. | July 17, 2020

Drone technology has advanced in amazing ways over the last few decades, and now drones play a pivotal role in logistics, research, and military operations. They’re also popular with hobbyists. Many people enjoy flying drones over scenic locations, doing tricks in the air, and capturing amazing images that would have been difficult to see before.…


Reasons to Use a Waterproof Shipping Case

By Wilson Case, Inc. | June 17, 2020

We couldn’t live without water, but some items can’t live with it. If you are shipping sensitive materials like electronics or medical supplies, if your shipments need to cross the sea to reach their destination, or if you’re working with equipment that may be exposed to rain at an outdoor sporting event or concert, water…

Why Custom Foam Inserts Are Crucial

By Wilson Case, Inc. | June 12, 2020

The last thing you want when shipping an item is for it to arrive at its destination damaged. It’s very important to use the right shipping case for each type of cargo, and if you’re working with especially sensitive, expensive, or unusually shaped equipment, that likely means having a case custom-made. A tough, durable exterior…