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We make it simple to safely load, ship, unload, and repeat. Wilson Case can design and manufacture custom and stock shipping cases for any requirement. Thanks to our 45 years in the shipping case industry, our team has the knowledge, skills, and technology needed to design shipping cases that can protect even the most delicate cargo. We make it easy to package and transport sensitive, expensive, miniature, bulky, and sometimes unusually shaped equipment.

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COVID-19 Response Shipping Cases

#84-6541 Sink Wash Station Shipping Case
Medical Device Shipping Case with Ramp 70-540
Athletic Trainers Case MobileMed 68-790

What people are saying

Strong International has been working with Wilson Case for nearly 10 years. Probably the single biggest reason we keep coming back to Wilson for cases for followspots is that Wilson always comes through in the tight ones. We don’t often order cases, but when we do, it is frequently on pretty quick time frames. Doug Huffaker, Bill and the rest of your crew have always been able to fit our orders in and get them here when we needed them, even if it was a rush. When we needed a new case, Wilson has always been very responsive in getting a design to us, and executing the designs quickly and professionally. Customer service and customer satisfaction are keys to building a good business. Wilson has always provided both.

Jack Schmidt

Product Sales Manager, Spotlight Division

Our disaster team sets up a field hospital inside of large, portable tents which are heavy and cumbersome to move and store. We solved our problems with custom cases from Wilson Case. Our new cases have heavy-duty, removable wheels for easy maneuvering on a smooth surface, and plenty of handles for carrying over rough terrain. The corners have balls/cups for easy stacking. The cases are laminated and sealed to prevent rain water from getting inside. The recessed latches are much more reliable than our old zippers. And the cases are exactly the right size, so they are easy to pack yet do not waste extra space. Best of all, our tents are now protected against the abusive handling that we (and cargo carriers) put them through.

David Lipin

Team Leader, Disaster Medical Assistance
Team CA-6, San Carlos, CA

I am excited to have become involved with the professionals at Wilson Case, Inc. I know for a fact that the Red Raider Football team is in great shape when it comes to our travel around the nation. We were looking for a new sideline trunk and you fit our needs to a tee. We are now much more efficient when it comes to finding things during a game. In the middle of a Big XII football game when you need something out of a trunk – you don’t need it now, you need it RIGHT NOW!

You can be sure I’ll be passing the word on to fellow trainers: If you want a trunk that is user-friendly, durable, and great looking – call Wilson Case.

Mark “Buzz” Chisum

Associate Athletic Trainer, Texas Tech University

Wilson Case has been instrumental in helping Design Centre develop a major trade show case program for our clients. Shipping cases are a major problem in the trade show business. Wood crates always are damaged and their contents damaged as well. Working with Wilson Case we were able to develop rigid cases to handle all of our clients exhibit components in a protected convenient system. Wilson Case engineered cases that significantly reduced our show/shipping damage as well as providing easy packing methods which reduce our labor costs. We found Wilson’s pricing to be competitive with wooden crates while providing reduced damage and labor costs. Partnering with Wilson Case has allowed Design Centre to provide added value to the services we provide our clients.

Ron Webb

President, Design Centre York, PA

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Shipping Cases


For almost 45 years, Wilson Case has been designing and manufacturing cases to meet the specific requirements of clients in a great variety of industries. Find out how our expert team can design and build a custom shipping case solution for any need you may have.


Shipping Cases

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Your search for a unique and reliable shipping case has ended. Get your quote for a custom-designed case for your specific requirements today by calling Wilson Case at (800) 322-5493, or fill out our online form to be contacted by a shipping case professional.

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Learn why Wilson Case is the custom shipping case company for your needs. Learn why Wilson Case is the custom shipping case
company for your needs.

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